Jantzen Standard Z-CAP Q4 MKP 1,80uF 400 V 5% AXIAL Kondensaattori

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The Standard-Z Cap is an entry level audiophile capacitor. A capacitor that offers great value for money in its class. Fast reacting, smooth and detailed in sound, compared to other single foil PP capacitors. Nitrogen filled instead of dielectric fluid, offering more foil per capacitor and eliminating risk of evaporation.

Type: Non-polarized MKP (single foil lane) Dielectric: Polypropylene film
Construction: Round tubular type axial leads Winding: Bifilar extended metalized foil Rated Voltage: 400 VDC / 250 VAC

Test Voltage: 150% rated voltage
Electrodes: Aluminum metallized vacuum deposited
Contacts: Non-inductive zinc thermally sprayed extended film
Coating: Blue plastic tape wrapped and sealed in black resin
Leads: Tin plated oxygen free copper
Capacitance Range: 400VDC from 1.0 μF to 100μF
Capacitance tolerance: ±5% (on nominal value)
Dielectric constant: Non-polar dielectric
Dissipation factor: Extremely lowTECHNICAL DATA (Part 2 of 2)

Dielectric absorption factor: <0.5% @20°C Dielectric thickness: PB=5μm

Equivalent series resistance: Extremely low Self-inductance: < 15 nH
Insulation resistance: >100.000 MΩ@20°C Temperature coefficient: -200°Cx10-6/°C Temperature Range: -55°Cto +85°C

Metal layer thickness: PB=0.3μm
Metal layer conductivity: PB =1.2 Ω/cm2