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  1. Lukkomekanismi 1907, kevyt, lukittava
    5,90 € 4,76 €
    Light drawbolt. Finish: Nickel plated steel.
    Locking version.
    Fixing holes: 3.5 mm Lisätietoja
  2. Perhoslukko V4 medium 17284
    9,50 € 7,66 €
    • V4 Medium Butterfly with "push-down" function
    • Steel, zinc plated, in cranked dish
    • Fixing Holes 5.1 mm

    A special function spring pushes the latch down into the dish after opening.
    A ramp system in the dish automatically pushes the latch away from the keep
    for lid opening and closing

  3. Perhoslukko 17213 pieni ja jykevä, jousella
    8,00 € 6,45 €
    Small butterfly catch mounted in 9 mm deep dish. Heavy Duty Version. Steel zinc plated. Fixing holes ø 5.1 mm. Lisätietoja
  4. Lukkomekanismi 16021
    2,50 € 2,02 €
    Large padlocking drawbolt. Fixing holes ø 4.9 mm. Zinc plated steel Lisätietoja
  5. Perhoslukko 17295S keskikokoinen, jousella
    9,00 € 7,26 €
    medium butterfly spring catch mounted in (9 mm deep) dish. Steel, zinc plated. Fixing holes: 5.1 mm Weight: 250 g All medium and large Butterfly catches now stop at approximately <<30º>> and can be fitted with a kick-out spring to automatically push them out to this point, from which they can be opened further by exerting a gentle tug. Lisätietoja
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