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  1. TAD 6V6GT-CZ PREMIUM Matched
    29,00 € 23,39 €
    The TAD™ 6V6GT-CZ has been added to the TAD Premium line in 2020. It is a glass envelope beam pentode having a plate dissipation rating of 14 Watts with convection cooling. It is intended for audio frequency power amplification service in either pentode, ultra-linear or triode connection and single or push-pull/parallel applications.
    The TAD™ 6V6GT-CZ has an extended plate voltage range which makes it ideal for higher power amplifiers like Jim Kelly and as an electric reliable substitute for overload conditions which are often seen with guitar amplifiers. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provide enhanced reliability and superior sonic performance.
    The TAD™ 6V6GT-CZ is designed to be a direct replacement for any 6V6, 6V6GTA, 6V6GTY, 6V6Y, 5871, 7184 or equivalent.
    Due to the higher voltage withstand the size is enlarged compared to other 6V6 tubes.
    Tested, selected and matched by TAD in Germany!
    Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
    A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
    -      Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
    -      Low Noise Test
    -      Microphonic Test
    -      Sonic Tests
    -      Shock Tests
    -      Listening Tests
    -      Shorts & Leakage Tests
  2. KT66 TAD PREMIUM Matched
    43,00 € 34,68 €
    Pääteputki vanhoihin Plexi Marshalleihin JTM45 sekä Quad II päätevahvistimiin. Lisätietoja
  3. 5Y3GT TAD PREMIUM SELECTED Rectifier Tube
    21,00 € 16,94 €
    Tasasuuntaaja pieniin putkivahvistimiin, kuten Tweed Deluze ja Champ. Lisätietoja
  4. 5881WXT-R TAD PREMIUM Matched
    45,00 € 36,29 €
    6L6GC variantti modernimmalla ja aggressiivisemmalla soundilla Lisätietoja
  5. 7025 HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected
    36,00 € 29,03 €
    Highgrade-valittu etuasteputki kaikkein vaativimpiin sovelluksiin Lisätietoja
  6. KT88-STR TAD Premium Matched
    70,00 € 56,45 €
    Esikuvana alkuaikojen Brittivalmisteinen MOV KT88. Toimitetaan sovitettuina pareina / nelikkoina. Lisätietoja
  7. 6550A-STR, TAD-Tubes Premium Matched
    59,00 € 47,58 €
    Uusintapainos GE 6550A:sta kolmoisgetter-rakenteella. Suosittu basso ja Hi-Fi käytössä. Erittäin hyvä 6550 putki. Toimitetaan sovitettuina pereina / nelikkoina / kuusikkoina. Lisätietoja
  8. 6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate TAD PREMIUM Selected
    Tarjoushinta 22,00 € 17,74 € Normaali hinta 37,00 €
    RCA Black plate -tyylinen pääteasteputki Lisätietoja
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